What would you guys think if I posted drabble here?

First up: “Brat”, a Labyrinth fanfic/drabble

Toby was a little brat. 

Even four years after she saved him from the Goblin King, Sarah still knew it was true.  She was in her apartment, babysitting him for the week while their parents went on their third or fourth honeymoon together.  And he was being a little brat.  She was loosing her temper.  So she tried what she always did- she told him the story.  How she’d accidentally wished him away and had to go save him.  Usually, this got Toby out of his mood, or at least calmed him down enough to take a nap.  But today Toby was still cranky.  She tried to get him in control, but he got more upset.  In his tiny tirade, he shouted:

"I wish the goblins would come and take me away!!"

Sarah froze, hearing the words and knowing what it meant.  "N-No!  Toby, don’t say things like that!”

"Right now!"

She flinched, looking around.  She didn’t see him…  She looked back at Toby and gasped.  There he was.

He was on one knee, smiling down at the child, who was looking back at him with wide eyes. 

"Jareth!  No!”

He grinned at her, his canines flashing wickedly.

"Toby, get away from him, get away!"  She lunged for him, trying to catch hold of his arm before he was snatched up by the Goblin King. 

"Jareth, he’s only a child, he didn’t mean what he said!"

"My dear, as I’ve told you before: What’s said is said."

"You can’t do that, it’s not-"

"Fair?" He smirked.

She glowered.  "It’s not right, and you know it."

Toby made a small sound, still staring at the Goblin King, and squeezing his teddy bear Lancelot.

"Toby…"  Sarah looked helplessly at him.

"You needn’t worry, I’ll take good care of him.  He’ll be a Prince.”

"He’ll be a goblin!"

"And what’s so terrible about that?"  Jareth growled, giving a short nod to a few goblins who’d appeared in a corner.  They raced to hold Sarah in place as she shrieked.

"I wonder, Sarah… Do you still think that I have no power over you?"

Sarah screamed, swinging wildly at the goblins around her.  She could hear Jareth cackling he handed Toby to a few goblins who walked backwards with him, disappearing into the wall.



Sarah stopped struggling as she stared at the spot where he had disappeared, reaching out to her with fading screams and panicked eyes.  The goblins, their duties done, snickered as they left her cruelly alone. 

Toby was gone. 

And this time… he wouldn’t give her a chance to get him back.

"J-Jareth, please." She tried to remain strong as the panic set in.

"Sssh, my dear," he was suddenly behind her, his arms wrapped lightly around her shoulders.  She froze at his touch.  He lifted one of his crystals to her face, and she watched as it filled with a pink-colored smoke. 

"Forget about him, Sarah.  Just… sleep.  And forget.” 

With that, the crystal burst.  She gasped as the smoke filled her nose.  It smelled… faintly of peaches. 

That was her last thought, as her eyes rolled back into her head, and everything went black.

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